Crm = Customer’s (Don’t) Really Matter

You have attended networking events and accumulated a mountain of business cards. Now, you need to design and faithfully implement a system to stay in touch with the people you met and enhance those relationships, even after they become your clients. Without this, your networking efforts will have been in vain.

Hosted Web-based or on Premise? There are pros and cons to both in-house or hosted solutions. Most would agree that hosted CRM solutions are easier to implement, readily accessible, and much securer. However, if all of your employees don’t have regular internet access then online best mortgage crm is not for their business.

So what happens when your sales team quotes a price that is too low?  If you decide to honor the price quoted you could end up running that particular deal at a loss. Having the best mortgage crm software can alert you to current and passed quotes to prevent this from happening.  If you tell the customer that the price you provided was incorrect and provide the correct price then you run the risk of losing the sale. It’s a no win situation.


Focus on the Essentials – Be sure to focus on the essentials and main functions of the mortgage crm software program. This will show your reps the most important systems within the CRM system to use.

We showed the president of a home builder construction firm a specific type of crm mortgage software for his employees.  He’s got some idea in his mind what this system will do for him but we haven’t actually discussed this-much less come to terms for it. I’m going to go off on a limb here and predict that what we ultimately deliver will differ as much from what he’s expecting as The Godfather: Part III differed from the previous two Godfathers. Yes, that bad.

Once the purchase of the software CRM has been made, implementation of the tool is next. In order for the process to be fruitful, every worker in the company must play a part. Just because software is involved, it does not mean that only IT experts do the job. In order for everybody to be synchronized, they must be willing to learn how the applications work. As a result, team spirit is promoted and hence the final output improves. The managers must be on the front row of familiarizing with the applications. This way, they can pass on their skills to the employees and this reflects later in the efficiency of work. Contact Unify CRM for a reputable client relationship tool today.